Accidents: Sensation-seeking youth are biggest culprits

India has one of the world’s highest accident rates, yet nothing is done to correct the driving pattern of young people who are the cause of most accidents and also its victims, a study by an expert concludes. With more youth in the country getting behind the wheel, the study has found that accidents are mostly caused by impulsiveness, sensation-seeking, driving anger, vengeance and even proneness to boredom. Among young drivers, gender differences are evident among male and female drivers, according a study. The study sampled 823 young drivers, males and females, in the tri-city area of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali in her study on the behavioral patterns of drivers. The drivers sampled, in the age group of 18-23, included traffic offenders and non-offenders.

Those driving four-wheelers, mostly cars, showed greater tendency towards unsafe driving while those on two-wheelers were more prone to vengeance. A greater emphasis needs to be put on the behavior of drivers, especially from a young age, to make roads in the country safer.

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