Accused in land mafia arrested by Nazarbad Police

Mysuru, December 4:- Nazarbad Police have nabbed a gang of land encroachers and arrested major accused Panchakshari, 38, a resident of Agrahara here.

The accused team used to identify vacant sites and collect information. They would later create fake ownership documents of the land and fence the land. They used to make the real landowners believe that their documents were fake and file civil cases against them. Finally, they would hand over the land to the real owner after collecting a huge amount of money.

The police who were on the lookout for the gang could not make any headway as the concerned people were not filing complaints.  At last,  a doctor registered a complaint which resulted in the arrest of all the accused except for the kingpin. The police finally zeroed in on the kingpin who was hiding at Mullur in Kollegala.

The operation was led by ACP Gajendra and Police Inspector Mahadevaswamy. Madhukesh, Prakash, Srinivas, Anil and others carried out the operation. (MR/KS)

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