Acres of forest vegetation gutted in BR Hills; forest staff douse fire

The vegetation on hundreds of acres of forest has been destroyed in a wildfire at Jyothi Hill, Gangadeshwara Hill top, Malki Hill in BR Hills forest area in Yelandur taluk of Chamarajanagar district, on Friday. However, the timely intervention of the forest department personnel with support from the locals helped in dousing the raging fires.

Sources said the forest fires were allegedly the handiwork of some miscreants. The fire which initially started at Malki Hill on BR Hills-Chamarajanagar Road and spread to other areas in the vicinity was contained by the swift action taken by the forest department personnel with help from the Soliga community members.

“It is shocking to know that the fire has destroyed acres of land in BR Hills forest area despite the area being declared a ‘Tiger Reserve Sanctuary,” opined the leaders of Soligas.

Yelandur division Assistant Conservator of Forests Nagaraju, RFO Mahadevu and scores of forest department personnel doused the raging fire.

Meanwhile, forest fires had become rampant last month, but were not reported in the last fortnight following rains in the forests. A hunt has been launched by the forest department personnel to apprehend the culprits who had allegedly set fire to the forests. –Gulipur Nandish, NGB

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