Act of stupidity: Electric pole in drain!

Mysuru, July 30:- Azeez Sait main road in Narasimharaja Constituency is one of the major streets where thousands of vehicles pass through every day. A drainage work has been undertaken on the road. What is not understandable is there is an electric pole in the drain which could prove to be disastrous whenever there is a short circuit.  The drain should have been planned without the electric police. Citizens are questioning the wisdom of the engineer and tender holder who have been allotted the work.

The citizens allege that tender holders and engineers make the government release a huge amount of money and execute the work carelessly. In the process, they make huge profits. They said that the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner has remained a silent spectator.

There is a strong demand for the suspension of MCC officials who are involved in these acts of stupidity. (MR/KS).

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