Action needed

A couple of years back, Hunsur road side of Kukkarahalli lake was fenced with iron mesh and an iron girder was provided on both sides of Hunsur road between Valmiki road circle and Bhoodevi farm to prevent vehicles slipping into the lake. However, some residents from nearby locality have removed a portion of the iron girder at several places (see the missing mesh in the inserted photo) and cut the iron fence at couple of places and enter the lake area regularly to get the green grass. It is well known that the water of this lake is highly polluted with sewage and its effect will be on the quality of the green grass or the fodder grown there. When the same is being fed to the animals and the quality of the milk or meat obtained from these animals may be in question. It is a request to the concerned authorities to make aware of these facts to the grass cutters and stop this practice and take necessary steps to close the gaps.  

 A concerned citizen, Mysuru

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