Action needed

One chat vendor and another panipuri seller have totally blocked the footpath of the narrow NS Sastry road (see photos) near NR traffic police station circle. They may be doing their roaring business on this footpath, causing hardships to pedestrians. Pedestrians are forced to walk on the road risking the heavy vehicular traffic coming towards DD Urs Road. As such, this part of the road is very narrow and there is a two wheeler parking slot on one side of the road.  Similarly, a mechanic shop owner has totally occupied the footpath in front of his shop on the narrow busy Irwin road (next to a temple), forcing the pedestrians to walk on the road (see photo) bracing the heavy traffic. The most irresponsible owners do not bother about the safety of the public and do not have any common sense while blocking the footpaths, that too in busy central district areas which always have heavy traffic.  Concerned officials are hereby requested to make these footpaths free and available for pedestrians to use on a permanent basis. Many visitors to the temple on Irwin Road are parking their two wheelers on the footpath, which they should refrain for the safe movement of pedestrians.

Concerned citizen, Mysuru  

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