Actor Prabhudeva takes part in Basava Jayanti celebrations in city

Akhila Bharatha Veerashai­va Mahasabha jointly with Veerashaiva Okkuta celebrat­ed Basava Jayanti in a mean­ingful manner.

Siddeshwara Swamy de­livering a discourse marking the birth anniversary of the 12th-century social reformer, poet, philosopher and states­man Basavanna, here on Tuesday, urged people to cel­ebrate the works of all great reformers irrespective of their caste and religion.

Basavanna fought against caste system and created awareness through his po­etry the Vachanas. Nearly 900 years ago, he heralded several social reforms in Karnataka which hold rel­evanceand are followed to his day. The philosophy and teachings of Basavanna has universal appeal and es­pouses eternal values. He is a universal leader, the seer added.

Further he said that the teachings of Basavanna was relevant today than ever be¬fore as people continue to be divided and oppressed on the basis of caste. The `Mahamane’ concept which had no space for gender discrimination, and no caste supremacy during the Basavanna’s reign, should be re-introduced in the society.

“Basavanna is a humanitarian. His vachanas teach us life lessons,” the seer noted.

The much celebrated actor, choreographer and director Prabhudeva cherished all the love and attention show¬ered on him and said that he was privileged to come to Mysuru and attend the Basa¬va Jayanti celebrations. My parents hail from a village near Mysuru.

“I always have a deep connection with this city. The film industry has brought me name, fame and money. However, I want to broaden my vision about the society,” he added.

On the occasion Mahadevamma, mother of Prabhude¬va was felicitated to mark the Mother’s Day.
Nataraja Swamy of Gavadagere Mutt, Hinakal Ba-savaraju and others were present.

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