Actor Sudeep meets Siddaramaiah over actor Vishnuvardhan’s memorial

Entertainment News, State, (Bengaluru), December 12:-Popular Kannada actor Sudeep met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in city on Monday and urged the government to speed up the process of setting up a memorial dedicated to another popular Kannada actor late Vishnuvardhan.

The meeting between the two also gave rise to speculation that actor Sudeep may be actively considering to enter into politics, a rumour that has been heard for some time.

In a petition, Sudeep requested the government to grant one acre of land where a ‘Dr Vishnuvardhan Punyabhumi’ can be developed ahead of the legendary actor’s eighth death anniversary on December 30. Vishnuvardhan, who died in 2009, was cremated at the Abhiman Studio in Uttarahalli.

The Karnataka High Court, in 2015, stayed a government order granting two acres of land for the construction of Vishnuvardhan’s memorial at Abhiman Studio, based on a petition filed by the sons of late Kannada actor T N Balakrishna. They argued that the government had granted 20 acres of land to Balakrishna for the construction of the Abhiman Studio in the 1970s.

Sudeep had requested the CM to grant one acre of land where versatile actor Dr Vishnuwardhan was creamated.

“If government rules do not permit development of both a memorial and punyabhumi in the same place, the fans of Vishnuvardhan, including me, are willing to give in writing that we will take up the responsibility of development,” Sudeep said.

“If the government cannot suitably compensate the family of Balakrishna and buy the land, the fans of Vishnuvardhan may be allowed to buy it,” Sudeep added.

In a statement Sudeep referring to Siddaramaiah’s several schemes with suffix bhagya said, “You have given many bhagyas (schemes) to the people of Karnataka and urged CM to take his request to a logical conclusion thus by can take credit for completing the memorial that was announced by previous government. The State government has already identified land for a Vishnuvardhan memorial in Mysuru, Sudeep pointed out. “But you are aware that it is the wish of Kannadigas and countless actor’s fans that a memorial should come up where Vishnuvardhan was laid to rest,” Sudeep told Siddaramaiah.

He further said that there will be no objection if a Vishnuwardhan memorial comes up in Mysuru as per late actor’s wife Bhrathi’s wish.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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