Adopt Gandhian principles from young age: Prof J B Shivaraju

In the wake of growing focus on modernisation, students must be taught of Gandhian principles, to have a disciplined and bright career, said Karnataka Gandhi Memorial Secretary Prof J B Shivaraju on Wednesday.

He was speaking after inaugurating a special lecture on Mahathma Gandhi and personality development jointly organised Gandhi Bhavan, University of Mysore and Kannada Department Nataraja Women’s College.

Addressing the gathering, Shivaraju said that every student should follow ‘peace’ and ‘non violence’ and the principles of Father of the Nation, to have a disciplined and bright career. “Gandhi is a great person who sacrificed his life for the country and his ideology is a guide for every citizen. Parents and teachers should teach Gandhiji’s principles at home and in the educational institutions right from primary classes and ensure that students maintain discipline, politeness and love towards the nation.”

Expressing dissatisfaction over the present education system, he said that education has become a money-making business. “An institution with profit motive can’t deliver anything better for the society. With more stress on modernisation, we need an education system that instils values in us. In this context, Gandhian principles play a crucial role. Tthe government has allocated Rs 150 crore for the construction of Gandhi Bhavan at every taluk,” he informed.  More than 450 biographies and 300 stamps make Gandhiji alive even today.

Gandhi Bhavan, University of Mysore Director Prof S Shivarajappa, Kannada Department Nataraja College G Prasadmurthy, Principal Prof M Sharada and others were present.

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