After halal, loudspeaker ban, Karnataka outfits call for end of ‘Muslim monopoly’ in fruit business

Prime News, State (Bengaluru), April 6:- Even while the demand for a ban on halal meat and the use of loudspeakers in masjids during azan is being criticised, some Hindu outfits in Karnataka have now sought an end to the “monopoly of Muslims” in the fruit business.

Chandru Moger, coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in Karnataka, took to Twitter and urged Hindus to buy fruits from Hindu vendors, claiming that most fruit businesses is done by Muslims.

“There is a monopoly on the fruit business by Muslims. We are also seeing that they are spitting on fruits and bread before selling it,” said Chandru Moger. He said that these Muslim businesses are “spitting Jihad”.

“I am requesting all Hindus to help end the monopoly of Muslims in the fruit business. I also urge them to only purchase fruits from Hindu vendors,” he said.

Hindu right-wing leader Prashanth Sambargi also shared his thoughts on boycotting Muslim fruit vendors.

“The hard work is done by the Hindu farmers and the benefits are taken by the intermediate Muslim vendor. We’ve done research on this business cycle and understood that the Hindu farmer is at mercy of the unorganised particular group. To remove this intermediate in the business, we’ve created a campaign,” said Prasanth Sambargi.

He said that they are aiming to spread awareness among farmers that there’s a larger market for business and that farmers would get fair prices for their yield by removing the intermediates.

Ashwath Narayan, Minister of Higher Education of Karnataka, said, “This is all some fringe organisation trying to instigate issues. We don’t take any responsibility nor are we party to that. As a government, the leadership of our Honourable Prime Minister and our party and our leaders, we are very clear we are not against any of our Indians or our brothers who belong to different communities.”

“There is no question of hating the relationships that have been built over centuries and decades. We have differences, we need to talk to each other and set it right and not continue with hatredness,” he said.

“Our government is completely against this. We are all here for the success of our society and we want everybody to have communal harmony,” said the BJP leader.

Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy also reacted to the demand by Hindu outfits to end the “monopoly of Muslims” in the fruit business. He said that not buying mangoes or fruits from Muslims is anti-national and anti-farmers.

“Muslims buy mangoes grown by farmers and they help farmers grow economically. Muslims buy mangoes grown by Hindus,” said the former CM.

He said that the Hindu outfits’ call to boycott Muslims was a ‘droh’ (betrayal) against the country and its farmers.

“Asking people not to buy mangoes or fruits from Muslims is anti-national and anti-farmers. Muslims buy crops from farmers to help the farmers. Farmers are Hindus,” said Kumaraswamy. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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