After taking charge as Revenue Minister, Kagodu Thimmappa holds first review meet at Mysuru

After taking charge as Revenue Minster, Kagodu Thimmappa held first review meeting in Mysuru at Chamundeshwari Auditorium, Regional Commissioner’s Office, Vinoba Road, on Tuesday.

Officials of every department from Mysuru, Hunsur and HD Kote attended the meeting.

Revenue department officials from HD Kote complained regarding the farmers for illegally acquiring government and forest land for farming and also for resorts construction and expressed their helplessness. Responding to this, the Revenue Minister questioned the officials saying: “Be it resorts construction or agriculture purpose, nobody can do it in a single day. What are the revenue inspectors doing while farmers aquire government land?”

“We cannot directly blame farmers for this. If there is any problem in the jurisdiction, officials have to noitify Tashildars and the Tashildars must notify the District Commissioner who in turn will notify the concerned minister. Then, we can solve the problem as soon as possible” he said.

“Farmers are facing problems in getting their work done at revenue offices as the process takes a long time. Hereafter, work must be done within 7 days. Farmers shouldn’t face problems from revenue department nor the government” he added.

ADC Venkatesh, Hunsur MLA HP Manjunath, HD Kote MLA Chikkamadhu and more than 100 officials attended the meet.

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