Agni Kala Utsava in Bengaluru on July 28

Mysuru, July 24:- The Agni Kala Utsava was envisaged by Anand Kumar Nair, founder of Anand Nair, Leadership Foundation along with Lakshmi Ragarao, founder of Stage for Traditional Arts Growth and Empowerment and Raghavendra Rao, Brand Communication Visualizer and Coach.

Across the nation, there are several talented artistes located not only in our urban areas but also in our large rural expanse. A very large segment of this incredible populace remains unknown and hence perpetually unheard of.

The attempt of this Utsava is to bring as many of them as possible under one roof and assist them in displaying their talents to a large segment of art importers, exporters, interior decorators, dealers, art connoisseurs, hoteliers, art lovers, families and children.

In addition, the objective behind the Agni Kala Utsava is to passionately promote our Indian art and artisans across the country and eventually on a global level. The Utsava will be held from 10 am to 7.30 pm on July 28 at the Rangoli Metro Art Centre, near MG Road Metro Station, MG Road, Bengaluru. (MR)

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