Agriculture should get more prominence, says Prof C Basavaraju

Agriculture needs to be given more prominence for existence of mankind, said University of Mysore Registrar Prof C Basavaraju.Delivering the inaugural address at the one-day conference on ‘Agriculture in Sanskrit literature’ organised by Department of Studies in Sanskrit on Tuesday, Prof Basavaraju emphasised on the gap that needs to be addressed between the ancient agricultural practices and the modern agriculture practices.He said, “Agriculture plays a predominant role in the sustenance of mankind, in ancient times agriculture was very close to humanity. Agriculture had being an integral part to the entire mankind and the agriculture equipments from time immemorial facilitated in keeping good health and acted as stimulant to entire humanity. If we compare the ancient agriculture practices to the modern day practice, a huge gap has been created with the intervention of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation. When we look into ancient Sanskrit literature, we come across the traditional agriculture practices being environment friendly which never harm the progress of the society, but today we come across practices that are indirectly and sometimes directly having an adverse effect on human health and ecology.”

“Usage of chemical manure to draw food grains to fulfil the demand of food over the growing population has been in practice nowadays; the new implements damage ecology and have an adverse effect on eco-system. Man should worship nature and thus nature protects the mankind says our Vedas, in this regard we need to balance between nature and human activity to protect out nature and also live peacefully. The mythological stories and the Sanskrit literature inculcate the principles of respecting nature, it is high time for us to protect our eco-system,” he added.“Sanskrit being fundamental to all languages, inculcates basic values of humanity, conferences on these topics that focus on agriculture methods that are registered in Sanskrit literature will help people to understand more on the particular topic.”Delivering the key note address, agriculture scientist Dr K K Subramani said, “If we follow agriculture practices of ancient Sanskrit literature, there is surely a way out. There is a lot of information and immense scope for agriculture systems which are  helpful to modern methods, particularly in soil fertility which is the need of hour.”Chairman of Department of Sanskrit Dr K Narayana Bhatta, Senior Professor DoS in Sanskrit Prof B A Doddamani and others were present.


Delivering the valedictory address on Tuesday evening, Vice-Chancellor of Vijayanagar Krishnadevaraya University Manjappa D Hosamane said, “We need to look into the aspect that how ancient agriculture was practiced.  Sanskrit plays a predominant role in modern days and the research depends on Sanskrit language. Sanskrit language is the base for scientific research and must be made as the compulsory language in our education system. There is a scope now to combine Sanskrit scholars and scientists, and this will make India prosper. This is the time to look back into our ancient days to find a way out,” he added.Chairman of Department of Sanskrit Dr K Narayana bhatta, Senior professor DOS in Sanskrit Prof B A Doddamani and others were present.

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