AIDYO hosts fourth state-level youth convention

Writer Siddhalinga Pattanashetty called upon the youths to be sensitive and work pro actively for the development of the country.

He was speaking after inaugurating the fourth state level youth convention hosted by All India Democratic Youth Organisation at J K grounds, on Thursday.

Addressing the students, he said that youth should dedicate themselves for the development of India through discipline, patience and effort. They should be sensitive and react to the situation when in need. Youth should be responsible and do constructive work. Citing an example he said that the present Cauvery issue calls for possible alternative thinking and youth must take the responsibility to construct ponds and maintain them on Sundays by roping in locals. Besides being self reliant, it also helps us in water conservation.

Reknowned writer Devanoora Mahadeva stressed on the role of youth in solving some of the social evils that are exist in the present day.  Corporates are exploiting the common people through the concepts of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation. Some rich people are holding the country ransom by possessing the resources. The assets of Ambani brothers are equal to four times the annual budget of Karnataka. Across the country, large patches of land have been given to Special Economic Zone, because of which the public sector has lost its importance. Education has become a business by involvement of the private players.

Socialist P Mallesh said that Caste based system in the society is disheartening and unfortunately, governments are encouraging it. There is a need for strong alternative forum to effect changes in society through non violence.

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