AIISH celebrates its 51st Annual Day

Lauding the efforts of All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH), Mysuru, in developing a constructive society through world-class researches in the tied of speech and audiology. Director and Vice Chancellor, NIMHANS, Bengaluru, Dr B N Gangadhar felt the need for more such Institutes in the country for an extensive reach.

It’s high time AIISH to have its pan national presence so that more people are benefited in the country. The Institute has, in 50 years, turned out be a centre where excellent researches are being conducted which are benefiting people with speech and hearing Impairment significantly, Dr. Gangedhar said in his inaugural speech during the Slat annual day celebration of AIISH on Tuesday.

With India being a country with several languages, Dr. Gangadhar observed. AIISH in Mysuru alone can’t cater to the needs of all the people. “Each state ought to have an extension of AIISH gooier to the MI India Institutes of Medical Sciences (MIAS). He added. ‘every district, de-Pending upon the population should have a centre in order to reach out to more people conveniently.”

He further said that AIISH was not only involved in serving to people but also, by conducting world class researches, it is instrumental in producing human resources that could have long lasting effect on the community. Social cognition, Dr. Gangadhar said was an attractive application used at AIISH to deal with children with autism.

Dr. Gangadhar stressed the need for collaborative research between psychiatrists and speech and audiology scientists saying it had Immense potential in measuring the functionality and non-functionality of Hippo-campus – the first regions of the brain to suffer damage in Alzheimer’s disease.

There is an Immense potential of substantial outcome if the two streams join and work together in interconnected DIMS for our understanding of mental disorders and diagnostic probes.

There are areas where mental health professionals and AIISH scientists can work to unravel mysteries of functioning and non-functioning of psychiatric disorders, he said.

On the occasion, 10 staff members were awarded with AIISHian of the year award and retired employees of the institutions were also felicitated. Gold medals for meritorious students, silver medals for best journal presentation and Ph.D. degrees were also conferred.

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