AIMA forecasts 50% increase in demand for agarbathis

Bengaluru, September 11:- With the festive season setting in, All India Agarbathi Manufacturers’ Association (AIAMA) forecasts over 50 per cent increase in demand for agarbathis, dhoop and its allied products in India.

This is the time of the year when industry players work towards creating diverse variants of agarbathis to address the market demands. Agarbathi plays a pivotal role during Indian festivities as they are not only used as key element during pujas (prayers), but also used for gifting purposes.

Sarath Babu, president AIAMA, said, “Next three to four months are very crucial for agarbathi manufacturers as the market demand increases two folds. Popular fragrances like rose, sandalwood, champa and jasmine continue to be the demands drivers; however, the preference for exotic and fusion based fragrances like oriental, fruity and floral agarbathies increases during this season.”

Meanwhile, festivities like Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga puja, involve elaborate puja and spiritual discourses that are conducted at temples or pandals wherein agarbathies that can burn for 24 to 48 hours are required. To meet such demands, the big size agarbathis starting from 2 feett to over 8 feet are made on customised demands.” he added

Vijay S G, managing committee member, AIAMA  said, “All small and medium players in our industry wait for this season as it helps us and everyone associated with the industry earn better. A lot of pre-planning on material, labour, branding goes in while preparing to address the festive demands. We are already witnessing requests for increased stocks and we are all geared up to meet with the festive demands in our region.”

So this festive season choose to gift a box of happiness to your loved ones as one box of agarbathi is not just the best gift, but a source of income for lakhs of women associated with the industry especially in rural India. -KK

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