Alia, Anushka support ‘voiceless’

Actresses Alia Bhatt and Anushka Sharma have condemned the “ridiculous” and “heinous” act by two medical students who threw a dog from the roof top of a multi-storeyed building. They said serious action should be taken against them.

The two students — Gautam Sudarshan and Ashish Paul — of Madha Medical College from Chennai, were arrested and let out on bail on July 6 for the act.

The video of the incident, recently uploaded on social media, wrung the hearts of even the strongest as it showed a youth on the roof-top of a multi-storeyed building holding a dog which he then cold-bloodedly threw off.

“This is absolutely ridiculous! I am appalled! These two medical students have thrown a puppy off the roof for fun,” Alia wrote on Twitter.

“The dog was rushed to the hospital luckily and has survived but the fine for the murderous act is just Rs 50,” she added.

Anushka too condemned the act and tweeted: “This heinous act is a mirror shown to the society we (‘educated’) people live in. Punishment for this should be serious.

“You can harm a voiceless puppy, pay a Rs 50 fine and be free of your crime? Is this the world you want children to witness and grow up in?

“Lot of people think human lives are more important. It’s sad. Being humane is using your intellect that gods gifted us to make this world a better place,” the “Sultan” actress added.

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