All MPs should join hands to eradicate triple talaq: Subhash Chandra

Rajya Sabha MP Subhash Chandra has urged all members of Parliament to join hands to pass the Triple Talaq Bill to ensure a better future for Muslim women in the country. Referring to a recent fatwa issued against Nida Khan, who had challenged the triple talaq given to her in the court of law, the Rajya Sabha member said that he feared that the Muslim community would further get alienated.
While pointing that the fatwa against Nida Khan called for a total boycott, and even asked people to not help her when she is ill, Subhash Chandra raised concerns over the situation that would prevail if Shariat court is in place.
“Members of Muslim community who are intelligent should come out and oppose the Imam who issued fatwa against Nida. Can we allow such thoughts about a woman in a civilised society?” asked the Rajya Sabha member.

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