All police stations in city asked to create awareness on coronavirus

Mysuru, November 3:- Very strict measures are needed to control the spread of coronavirus. Though the number of cases has seen a sharp decline in the last couple of days, the district administration doesn’t want to take anything for granted. Every government department has a role to play and that way, all the government organisations are working in tandem and their role has been widely appreciated.

On Monday (November 2), the Police Department had organised a meeting of top police officials on how to educate people during the pandemic situation. Awareness among people is more important than anything at this point of time. All the police stations in the city have been advised to take concrete steps on coronavirus.

At the meeting, Commissioner of Police Dr Chandragupta said, “Whenever there is a festival, the concerned police stations should identify the crowded place and prepare a standard operating procedure (SOP) accordingly. They need to arrange programmes on the use of face masks, sanitisers and physical distance. They can take help from NGOs and other social organisations. Every police station has the responsibility of reaching out to at least 1,000 people every day. Even the ‘night beat police’ can be utilised for this service.” (MR/KS)


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