All states gain if rivers linked through waterways: Expert

Prime News, National (New Delhi), September 10:-  A lot of water has gone under the bridge since the idea of interlinking of rivers was first mooted during the tenure of first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The project which has undergone several transformations since then is yet to take shape on ground, with states perennially bickering over their share of water.

But if A.C. Kamraj — a hydro scientist and an expert member of the government’s interlinking of rivers project — is to be believed, an alternative method of linking rivers can be adopted with far better results and zero disputes over the share of water.

Kamraj, also the head of National Waterways Development Technology, said the National Waterways Project envisages a way in which the two rivers can be linked through a waterway built on an even plane enabling two-way flow between the rivers.

Also known as Smart Waterways, the project is evolved by Kamraj.

One of the advantages of the technology, Kamaraj says, is that unlike the traditional interlinking of rivers which involves pumping of water using a lot of electricity, this technology uses only the “excess flood water that goes to seas un-utilised” without any pumping.

“The new and unique proposal… only harnesses the excess flood water that goes to sea unutilised, that too just 25 per cent of flood water and 75 per cent of water still goes to sea.”

“Nothing has happened for the last 35 years with the interlinking project when Indira Gandhi government formed the National Water Development agency in 1982,” Kamraj said in a press conference on Saturday.

“The actual plan goes further back to the time of Nehru. It was approximated at that time that the interlinking of Ganga and Kaveri rivers alone would require the power equivalent to that being produced in the entire country.”

He said that the project was technically sound but was cold-freezed because of prohibitive costs.

But Kamaraj is hopeful of seeing the networking of rivers materialise now that Union Minister of Shipping and Water Resources Nitin Gadkari has shown interest in “his technology” along with several southern states.(MR, Inputs: Agencies).




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