Allama enabled us to develop intriguing mindset: Dr B N Vasudevamurthy

“Allama finds monarchy as a regressive element. Among the 1,300 vachanas of Allama, most possess questions. He has a questioning ability beyond Pampa. Allama can be called as expressionless. If a Kannadiga develops intriguing mindset, it is due to the contributions of Allama,” said renowned reviewer and writer Dr B N Vasudevamurthy.

He was delivering his address at a special lecture organised on ‘The formation of Allama in Kannada excogitation’, held at Maneyangala, Kalamandir.

“Allama refused to physical elements. But he opened up himself to the world. It is the feature of Kannada language, which has opened itself to the world more than other languages. Harihara, Raghavanka, Kuvempu and other poets have analysed the thoughts of Allama in their works. Kannada literature has grown due to the influence of Allama. B Basavalingaiah had called Kannada literature as ‘Boosa Sahitya’ in his work, it was being criticised and gave rise to ‘Bandaya’ literature,” he added.

“Manteswamy is considered as the Allama of folk literature. All types of literary thoughts can be found in the vachanas of Allama. Allama’s works cannot be seen in the context of mysticism. Allama and Buddha have similarities in their thoughts,” said Apoorva D’Silva, in his reaction.

Chinnaswamy Oddagere, Ravichandra Chikkempihundi, R Manjunath, Devanag and others were present on the occasion.

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