Allegation of social boycott is far from truth: H C Narasimhamurthy

“The allegations made against me by Somanna alias Chakrabaddi Channa, a resident of Siddappaji road of H D Kote are far from truth. It should be thoroughly investigated,” said member of H D Kote, H C Narasimhamurthy.

He was addressing a press meet held at the Mysuru press club on Thursday.

A few days ago, Somanna organised a press meet and told that the corporator had instilled social boycott on his family and urged for justice.

Rubbishing the allegations, Narasimhamurthy said, “A house has been allotted to Somanna on a 30x4o site and is being almost constructed. But still he had applied for houses in the names of his wife and mother. I objected to it and explained it to the officials. It has been 4 months since the incident and he is defaming me over that issue. Misusing the occasion of Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanti, Somanna and Kranthikumar, suspended president of Kannada sene who were trying to collect money from the public. I opposed to it and he is alleging me of instilling social boycott on him and his family,” he said.

“Somanna is involved in illegal moneylending activities. When H D Kote police raided his residence, they seized Rs 23 lakh from him and fined him with lakhs of rupees. If he is working for daily wages, how the police could find so many documents of properties worth lakhs,” he questioned.

“Police should take this issue seriously and thoroughly investigate the issue. I have filed a case of defamation of worth Rs 50 lakh against him at the H D Kote court,” he added.

Nagaraju, Krishna, Mahesh and Puttamadu of H D Kote were present in the press meet.

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