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Amazon announces Big B as Alexa’s voice in India

By Pradyu M

It is delightful to know that  Indian film and entertainment world’s global icon and evergreen superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s deep baritone voice will be used by Amazon for its Alexa voice assistant. The great legendary actor is known for his masculine baritone voice that has mesmerised and sparked energy, enthusiasm and excitement in Indians and film buffs around the world for more than five decades.
His deep voice has been featured in hundreds of commercials peddling everything from PepsiCo, Cadbury Ltd. chocolates and so many other products and also for public welfare campaigns that include the prestigious  UNICEF-backed polio vaccination campaign. Inc. has signed up Bollywood Bachchan for its Alexa voice assistant and he will be the second global film star and the first Indian celebrity to lend a voice to Amazon. Amazon has already used the voice of  Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson.
The baritone voice of the Big B  that has enchanted the Indian film industry and Indian film fans for over five decades through filmi dialogues, punch lines and songs,   no doubt will create another aura of sheer voice magic among  Indians using Alexa and the unique voice experience is sure to create ripples in the media gadget marketing industry.
Be it movies, advertisements, TV shows and the very popular ‘ Kaun Banega crorepati’ game show the Big B has done everything with elan and along with his great acting prowess he has meticulously and beautifully used his mesmerising voice to capture the hearts of millions around the world. It is history, truly amazing and ironical that the same voice, that any Indian can recognise at any time and anywhere, was refused by  All India radio when Amitabh went knocking at its doors to be a radio announcer during the beginning of his career!
Bachchan’s powerful, deep baritone voice has been also part of several films that did not have him as an actor in it.
Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen, the doyens of Indian cinema, have used Bachchan’s voice effectively for their films.
Amazon’s unique voice experience featuring  Amitabh will include popular offerings like jokes, weather, shayaris, motivational quotes, advice and more.   Indian movie buffs and millions of  Big B fans will now cherish the voice of their icon in their homes through Alexa which again makes him a star of all times.

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