Ambareesh taunts CM for not talking about housing department

Mysuru, June 3:- “I have acted in 230 films. But I didn’t speak as much as Siddaramaiah spoke today in my entire career and life. He explained the achievements of the government in his lengthy speech, but he didn’t speak a word about the housing department,” said former housing minister Ambareesh.

Ambareesh who came late for the convention was tired after listening the lengthy speech of CM Siddaramaiah. At the end of the event, CM asked Ambareesh to speak.

“CM has explained all the achievements of the departments, but he didn’t speak a word about the housing department which earned three gold medals. Even if you don’t say, people knows the works,” he added. He concluded his speech by reminding CM of some promise he had made to Ambareesh. (BM)

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