Ambedkar Damma Deeksha Day celebrated

The life of Dr B R Ambedkar is an inspiration to all of us,” opined MLA V Srinivasa Prasad here on Friday.

He was speaking after inaugurating Ambedkar Damma Deeksha Day, an event held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Ambedkar receiving the Buddha Deeksha by organised by Dr B R Ambedkar Study Research and Extension centre, University of Mysore.

Addressing the gathering, Prasad said that the life of Ambedkar itself is an inspiration for all of us and his message for Dalits to accept Buddhism to get equal right is befitting. “People have got all kind of freedom, except the religion. It is unfortunate that even in 21st century people follow casteism and superstition. Dalits are victims of such practices.”

Elaborating on the status of Dalits, former minister called upon them to get proper education.  “Education is the key to lead a decent and respectful life. Dalits should stop consuming alcohol and follow family planning, thus attaining self esteem. Otherwise, Dalits will have to face discrimination.” Prasad illustrated the life of Dr B R Ambedkar to the gathering through various examples.

Later, Writer Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy delivered a talk on ‘Buddhism Culture’ and said that younger generation needs to understand and follow Ambedkar and Buddhism better for a meaningful life.

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