Ambedkar’s wit is beyond any other: Dr L K Krishna

“Dr B R Ambedkar has written a great constitution that can be a role model for any country in the world. He dedicated his entire life for the construction of a great India,” said convener of National Service Scheme (NSS) of JSS University.

He was speaking at the Ambedkar Jayanti organised at the Nataraja First Grade College for Women.

“Ambedkar is among the great scholars the world has ever come across. Nobody is on par to the knowledge he possessed. He worked tirelessly to develop the lives of Dalits and the oppressed class. His life should be an ideal for the youths to follow. By following his ideas, India can be made the greatest of the countries,” he opined.

Principal of the Nataraja First Grade College for Women Dr M Sharada, NSS convener L S Puneeth Kumar, NSS volunteers Chandhana, Arpitha, Rathi, Tejaswini and others were present on the occasion.

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