Ancient India famous for works in science: Prof Venkataramaiah

“The development of science that took place in India during ancient times was not properly recorded. This is the major defect in our system,” opined former Vice Chancellor of Kuvempu University Prof V Venkataramaiah.Addressing a seminar on ‘Development of science in Pre and Post Independent India- An overview’, organised by NIE First Grade College on Thursday, Prof Venkataramaiah stressed on progress in science that took place in India. He said, “In ancient India, during sixth century, Taxila University was famous for works on Mathematics, Astronomy, Metallurgy, medicine and many more subjects but unfortunately all the research and knowledge generated in the books, library were all destroyed during an attack. The ancient India was very famous in the field of Mathematics. Baudhayan generated a theorem similar to that of Pythagoras theorem much before Pythagoras did it. Scholars like Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Bhaskaracharya, Mahaviracharya contributed a lot to the development of science then.”

“It is unfortunate that all those developments and progress were not recorded. Many foreigners today are doing a great research and are gathering information on contribution of Indian scholars to the field of science. It is high time for every student to know the contribution of our scholars and their path-breaking experiments,” he said.Earlier, Anantharamu of Mysore Vignan Kendra called on students to focus on pure science and general physics. He also emphasised on the contribution of Sir C V Raman to the progressive science field in India.Director of NIE-MC G S Ramachandra, Principal of NIE FGC Suma and others were present.

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