Animal adoption at Mysuru zoo

Following people have adopted animals of Mysuru Zoo under “Adoption of Animals” scheme by paying the Adoption Fee.

Anvase Exim Private Limited has adopted Indian Leopard by paying Rs 35,000, Bank of Maharshtra, Mysuru Main Branch has adopted Leopard for Rs 35,000, M V Nemirajaiah has adopted Love Bird for Rs 1,000, Ganesh Murthy has adopted Finch and King Cobra for Rs 4,500, Neha Khandekar has adopted White Throated Munia for Rs 1,000, Anand Kumar has adopted Four Horned Antelope for Rs 5,000, Shyamala Palani has adopted Love bird and Budgerigar for Rs 2,000, Asha D has adopted Lady Amherst’s Pheasant for Rs 3,500 and Vaanathi Paulvannan has adopted White Peacock and leopard Cat for Rs 8,500 respectively.

 Mysuru Zoo appreciates their gesture and involvement for the cause of Wildlife.

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