Animals and birds adopted at Mysuru Zoo

Mysuru, June 15:- Amid the coronavirus induced lockdown, there is no dearth of donors when it comes to adoption of animals and birds at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens in Mysore as several individuals and enterprises came forward to support the cause of wildlife conservation.

N Suguna from Bengaluru has adopted King Cobra for Rs 2,000, Hemavathi from Mysuru has adopted a Peafowl for Rs 3,500; M J Anantha from Mysuru has adopted Leopard Cat and Red Avadavat for Rs 6,000; Mohan Kumar, also of Mysuru, Red Lorry for Rs 2,000; Hemachimane Samrat from Kodagu has adopted Great Indian Hornbill for Rs 5,000; T R Nagavaishnavi from Bengaluru has adopted Indian Leopard for Rs 35,000; Harsha Melantha from Mysuru adopted Sloth Bear for Rs 35,000.

B G Granites from Chamarajanagar has adopted Zebra for Rs 50,000; Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda from Bengaluru adopted an Elephant by paying Rs 1,75,000, Devabhagya Foundation, Bengaluru, has adopted Elephant by paying Rs 1,75,000; Suhas P Kaushik from Mysuru adopted Blue and Yellow Macaw for Rs 7,500; M Himavath from Mysuru, Indian Cobra and King Cobra for Rs 5,500, M N Varadaraj Iyengar from Mysuru has adopted Brown Capuchin for Rs 7,500; Padmini Varadaraj from Mysuru adopted White Peacock for Rs 3,500; P S Krishna Mani from Mysuru has adopted Manipur Deer for Rs 7,500.

Tejaswin and Divya from Bengaluru have adopted Salmon-Crested Cockatoo for Rs 5,000; Jayanth Krishna from Mysuru has adopted Leopard Cat for Rs 5,000; H K Kamala from Mysuru adopted Malabar giant Squirrel for Rs 10,000; Kalpana Dilip Shah from Bengaluru has adopted Spotted Deer for Rs 7,500; Raghu Achar from Mysuru has adopted Leopard Cat for Rs 5,000; R Veerappa from Bengaluru has adopted Green Anaconda for Rs 10,000; M R Kumara Swamy from Mysuru has adopted Indian Cobra for Rs 2,000; Mysuru District Darshan Thugudeepa Pourakarmikara Sangha has adopted two Black Bucks for Rs 15,000; D Beats from Bengaluru has adopted a Lion by paying Rs 1,00,000; Adihari from Bengaluru has adopted an Elephant for Rs 1,75,000. (NAV)        

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