Animals, birds of Mysuru zoo adopted

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysuru, has released the list of persons who have adopted animals and birds for a period of one year at the zoo under ‘Adoption of animals’ scheme.

Keshav and Shaista have adopted a cheetah by paying Rs 50,000; Dhruv Karthik of USA has adopted a peacock by paying Rs 3,500; a star tortoise and one love bird has been adopted by Kumar Kashyap of Mysuru for Rs 3,000; Sandip Bhaumik of Bengaluru has adopted a salmon crested cockatoo by paying Rs 5,000; two turtles and a red avadavit has been adopted by S Padmarekha of Bengaluru for Rs 5,000 and the S G Group of Bengaluru has adopted one king cobra for Rs 3,500.

In a press statement, the Mysuru zoo has appreciated the gesture of wildlife enthusiasts and involvement for the cause of wildlife conservation.

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