Antharasanthe check post making news for all the wrong reasons

Mysuru, May 9:- It is a clear case of fence eating the crop! Mysuru district is witnessing a similar situation. The police officials who should take action to protect the law and order and maintain rules and regulations have remained mute spectators. Allegations are flying fast and thick that cops are accepting bribe at Antharasanthe check post in HD Kote taluk openly.

Police are mostly targeting the vehicles that go to Kerala. Though the police are on high alert in urban areas, outside the city, anything and everything can be transported in the vehicles, provided you bribe the cops. You can transport stolen goods also, no questions asked!

One head constable, who has not been transferred for over 12 years, is the man under the scanner. This particular cop says you can transport anything but with a price. He targets lorries transporting poultry, vegetables and rice and has the audacity to demand a bribe brazenly. Despite receiving enough complaints in this connection, higher-ups have remained silent! (MR/KS)


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