Anti-Child Labour Day observed at Bal Bhavan in Mysuru

Mysuru, June 28:- “Child labour is a shame. Parents should send their children to school and not to work,” said Child Welfare Committee member E Dhananjay.

He was speaking at Anti-Child Labour Day observed at Bal Bhavan at Bannimantap Grounds in the city on Thursday.

“Anti-Child Labour Day is observed on June 12. Child labour is still prevailing in India for many years. School is the place for children. Child labour generates the illiterate class in the society. It also leads to population explosion. Poverty is not the reason behind child labour in 99% of the cases. Children should question their parents if not sent to school. Parents should not make their children work for their financial needs. Children should not beg near bus stands and railway stations either. Schools provide food, uniform, books and everything for students. Children have to make use of the facilities,” he added.

Bags were distributed to the children on the occasion.

Deputy Director of Women and Child Welfare Department Radha, Director of RLHP (Rural Literacy and Health Programme) Saraswathi and others were present. (MR/GK).

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