Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, in keeping with his track record, was in full flow charging the Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his personal corruption and went to the extent of threatening  that he has information  that will be like an ”earthquake’ making Modi afraid to face him if he is allowed to speak in the parliament  but had no courage to reveal it  in the public platform when he was flanked by 15 other political parties. It is rather ironical that the same Rahul along with senior Congress leaders met the PM pleading the case of the  loan-waiver of  farmers of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Why only the farmers of UP and Punjab? The fact that no other political parties accompanied them is an indication of the break in unity in fighting demonetisation which not only resulted in wash out of the  winter session of the parliament but  also has created schism in the ranks of the opposition  which will surely hold  the Congress and blame Rahul in particular  for sabotaging the unity by his theatrics.

H R Bapu Satyanarayana,Mysuru

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