Anti-India model of farmers’ protest, here’s how divisive forces are using farmers

Prime News, National, Farmers, New Delhi, November 30:- The ongoing farmers’ protests at Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur entry/exit points on the Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Bahadurgarh and Delhi-Uttar Pradesh routes respectively are creating a lot of troubles for common people and it seems that the whole protest is an international conspiracy to create disturbances in India.

The active role played by organisations like PFI and others backing Khalistani and Naxal ideologies in farmers’ protest hints at a much bigger conspiracy and Congress and other parties which are against Prime Minister Narendra Modi are backing these forces to create disturbances in the country.

Here is the evidence to prove that some anti-national people are involved in the farmers’ protest.

Anti-national attitude of the people involved in farmers’ protest: The attitude of the people involved in the farmers’ protest is shocking and the anti-national attitude of these people are clearly visible in the way they are behaving. These so-called farmers are participating in the protest with the posters of terrorist Bhindranwale, who was responsible for the death of hundreds of people in Punjab.

Religious communal faces in farmers’ protest: The success of nationalist policies adopted by Modi government has left the jihadi and left groups totally rattled. These groups are interested in breaking the nation and they are against the idea of nationalism. This is the reason that whenever they see an opportunity to create trouble against the Modi government they join the movement.

Fundamentalist organisation ‘United Against Hate’ has come forward to help the farmers but the fact is that this organisation is rattled after the failure of its agenda during Delhi riots and Shaheen Bagh road blockade. It may be recalled that some communal organisations had joined hands to spark communal riots in Delhi in February 2020 but their plans were crushed by security agencies. This is the reason why these organisations are looking for opportunities to unleash mayhem in the country.

Similarities between anti-CAA protests and farmers protest: Both anti-CAA protests and the farmers’ protest are based on lies and propaganda. Those who were against the CAA said that the law would take away the citizenship of Indian Muslims and in a similar way farmers are being misled into believing that the new farm laws will end the system of Minimum Support Price (MSP) and the grain market system will be abolished.

Women and children were put forward to garner sympathy during the anti-CAA movement. In farmers’ protest, elderly farmers have been pushed to the frontline to tackle the police.

An attempt was made to take Delhi hostage during the anti-CAA movement and a similar conspiracy is being hatched in the name of farmers’ protest to take Delhi hostage.

During the anti-CAA movement, threats to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi were being given openly and during the farmers’ protest too some people are talking about killing the Prime Minister. (MR, Inputs: Agencies)



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