Apple faces flak over its ‘What’s a computer’ ad

Technology News, Nation, (New Delhi), January 26:-Apple wanted to be more creative and portray computer as an extinct device, but its marketing strategy went wrong when its recent commercial, ‘What’s a computer?’ faced flak from people, calling it as a ‘dumb’ and ‘irritating’ ad.

The commercial, which first debuted in November last year, and is now running on television and the Internet, is actually meant to predict a fast-changing digital world, where a computer is “extinct”, and a child fiddling with an iPad Pro, which resembles like a computer, does not know what a “computer” means, when asked by a neighbour.

In the commercial, after a day of hanging out with friends, she is sitting in her grassy backyard of the house and doing her school projects with her iPad.

Suddenly, a neighbour comes and asks what the child is doing on the computer to which she replied- “What’s a computer?”

Many of viewers, who have watched the commercial, said that it rubs them the wrong way.

People took to social media to vent their anger and questioned the absurd question of the child.

“Does this commercial tick anybody else off? I want to smack this kid. What’s a computer? You know what a computer is you disrespectful smarta–!!”, wrote a user on Facebook.

“I have never hated another human being more than the “what’s a computer” iPad child”, a user posted on Twitter.

Another user wrote on the micro-blogging site, “What’s a computer?” Most hated commercial worldwide.”

Apple is yet to react to such developments.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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