Appointment of Sindhu Suresh to UoM Syndicate cancelled

Mysuru, March 18:- The state government has cancelled the appointment of Sindhu Suresh as the member of the Syndicate of the University of Mysore.

The Undersecretary of Higher Education Department gave the instruction on March 9 as per the directions of the Governor to cancel the membership of Sindhu Suresh and appointed YK Pavitra of Vijayanagar as the new member of the Syndicate.

Media had questioned the appointment of Sindhu Suresh which was in clear violation of the Karnataka University Act of 2000. This was widely discussed in higher education field. According to the Karnataka University Act, a person cannot be inducted into the Syndicate twice. Sindhu Suresh was a member of the Syndicate in 2002. She was again appointed to the Syndicate after 17 years which had raised questions and the decision was widely criticised.

Finally, the state government corrected its mistake and appointed  Pavitra as the new Syndicate member. (MR/KS)

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