Architects Act needs amendment to be effective: Nayak

President, Council of Architecture, New Delhi, Biswa Ranjan Nayak observed that the Architects Act 1972 needed to be revised as it had many loopholes which he said were used against the profession.

Creation of Creations STATUE 1Nayak said that architectural practices needed to be defined to put right people in the right place and awareness ought to be created about the services as there was a significant decline in pooling meritorious students to the profession, he said after unveiling the statue ‘Creation of Creations’ at the premises of School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) on Friday.

He further said, “If this remains the scenario in the coming years, no doubt the profession would become part of history. Architectures play a pivotal role in constructive development of the infrastructure in the country.”

Nayak observed that to pool competent candidates and to make the selection process transparent, Council of Architecture had made the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) offline. The test earlier, he added, was conducted online wherein many irregularities were reported.

He felt the dire need for more training and research centers on par with National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA) in Pune which facilitates advanced research in the various fields of architecture, to teachers of architecture, professionals, individuals and students.

“As of now, there is only one training centre which is inadequate to train all the students and faculties. The council is planning to set up five more research and training centers with top-notch climatology and model-making labs each meeting the requirements of 92-100 schools. There are also plans to link all the schools with e-library facility for the benefit of the students and staff,” Nayak said.

He further said that many people either weren’t aware of the architectural services or avoid using it thinking it may increase their expenditure. He said that architectures contribute in building cost-effective and sustainable structure which people fail to realise. “By paying a few thousands to architectures, a huge amount can be saved in the overall expenditure of the building,” he said.

Metropolitan Commissioner, BMRDA, Bengaluru, B S Shekarappa stressed the role meticulous planning plays in any field especially solving problems faced in urban areas. He congratulated the University of Mysore (UoM) for having a planning and architecture school which would help the people in the state to pursue the course. “Earlier one had to travel to Madhya Pradesh or West Bengal to pursue the architecture course,” he said.

Sculptor Arun Yogi Raj who sculpted the Creation of Creations statue was felicitated on the occasion.

Vice Chancellor Prof K S Rangappa, Registrar Prof R Rajanna, Founder Director SPA, Prof Krishne Gowda and others were present.

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