Arjun Malhotra delivers 7th distinguished lecture at MYRA

Mysuru, January 19:- ‘Play your best hand, with the cards you have been dealt with’ is the strong and key message from the personal anecdote ridden insightful talk on “Entrepreneurship” by Arjun Malhotra who delivered the 7th distinguished lecture on Thursday at the MYRA School of Business here.

Malhotra took the MBA students through trials and tribulations of introducing a computer to DCM and the ominous threat of being pulled down by the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act.

Dr Shalini Urs, founder and chairperson of MYRA School of Business, underlined the importance of personal experiences as lessons not only for gaining insights but also for enriching the lessons with a personal touch.

Dr Sudhendar Rao, professor in information systems and dean-student affairs and other faculty members were present.



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