Arjuna gets ready for jamboo savari

As the countdown begins for the world famous Dasara Jamboo Savari, Nagalingappa, who has  been painting jumbos  since fourteen years, has started to paint Arjuna, the pride of Mysuru Dasara, by drawing the logo of Mysuru dynasty ‘Ganda berunda’, flowers and conch (shanka) designs.

Arjuna, who is all set to carry Goddess Chamundeshwari, in the golden howdah (ambari), the centre of attraction of the Mysuru Dasara, is being decorated with water paintings.

While Nagalingappa painted Arjuna, Sannappa, mahout of Arjuna, next to the jumbo to avoid any problems. Sannappa is the son of late Dodda Masti.

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