Art and literature make a man complete: Jayaprakash

“Art, literature and culture are what complete a person. Youngsters should get involved in literature from a very young age,” said Pre University Education Board deputy director Jayaprakash.

PU Board, Karnataka State Student Welfare Association and Mahajana Pre University College jointly organised district level cultural meet at Vivekananda auditorium, Mahajana College. Inaugurating the programme, Jayaprakash said: “From the dawn of mankind, art has been an integral part of his lifestyle. Our ancestors used to draw on rocks and stones which later transformed into various forms of art. Every child is uniquely talented. They should make use such platforms.”

“PU is a very important stage in a student’s life. It is at this point, students require their parents support most. It is the duty of every child to study with dedication and make their parents proud,” he said. He also advised the children to have a positive approach towards life.

Various competitions for students were organised on the occasion. More than 400 students from different colleges took part in the programme.

Mahajana educational institute president R Vasudevmurthy, Principal Shivappa, Mahesh, Rajeshwari, Balasubramanyam and others were present.

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