Ashraf Ghani vows to return home, says left Afghanistan to avoid bloodshed

Prime News, International (Dubai), August 19:- Ashraf Ghani has broken his silence in a video message, his first since stepping down as president of Afghanistan and fleeing Kabul earlier this week. The statement came hours after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirmed that it had accepted Ghani and his family on “humanitarian grounds”.

Speaking from Dubai, Ghani said he was in the UAE to “avoid disasters” and had no intention of remaining in exile in the Gulf nation and was “in talks” to return home.

In a video message he posted on Facebook, Ashraf Ghani said he would have witnessed violence had he chosen to remain in Kabul. He also thanked Afghan defence forces for putting up a fight against the Taliban.

In what can be seen as a response to US President Joe Biden and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg’s remarks, Ghani said, “I should not be judged by those who do not know all of the details.”

Ashraf Ghani also mentioned that the Afghan government’s negotiations with the Taliban did not reach any conclusion. “It is our failure,” he said. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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