At BJP meet, Modi chokes with emotion as he thanks leaders

While addressing his party, the BJP’s top 300 odd leaders today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi detailed how to build a political road ahead, choking with emotion, sources said, as he thanked other speakers for the praise they had to offer for the achievements of the government he heads.

Leader after leader, including Home Minister Rajnath Singh, union ministers Venkaiah Naidu and Nitin Gadkari and BJP president Amit Shah spoke about the economic, foreign affairs and  political achievements under PM Modi at the BJP’s two-day national executive in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
The PM, in his concluding comments, “stopped mid-speech as emotions took over. He reminisced about leaving home for social service. There was an emotional pause. Then he recovered and continued with his address,” said a leader.

PM Modi asked his partymen to follow what he called the seven Ss in Hindi. Translated into English these are, service, balance, patience, coordination, positive, compassion and dialogue.

Service, the PM said, must be a key focus and in a message for workers, narrated from a play on Chhatrapati Shivaji, saying the Maratha ruler was known for “consumption-free ownership,” whereas today’s politics is about “consumption without ownership.”

The Prime Minister also warned partymen that the public is no more satisfied with slogans alone; it wants the government to deliver, he said.

After the conclave the PM addressed a massive rally – the BJP estimates that two lakh people attended – crediting the people of the country with the praise he has received from the world over.

“In this land of Prayag Raj we are starting a new Yagya- that of development. For that we have to make some sacrifices- of nepotism, casteism, corruption and lawlessness,” PM Modi said at the Parivartan rally.

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