At last, Rangayana artistes win the battle

After a long battle and protest for the implementation of post-retirement benefits by the Rangayana artistes, the finance department has approved the proposal.

On Wednesday, the department of finance approved the proposal raised by Rangayana artistes and technicians to provide post-retirement monetary benefits. The department approved the proposal post-indefinite protest staged by the artistes of Rangayana. The finance department has sanction Rs 5.67 crore as post retirement benefits.

The fight for the post-retirement benefit was not a new demand, but a three- year-old demand which was put forward by Rangasamaja, the apex body governing Rangayana. Recently, Chief Minsiter Siddaramaiah had assured to look into the matter, and within a few days of his assurance, the finance department has agreed to extend post-retirement benefits.  With this decision, many artistes who are retiring from duty will be benefited.


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