At present, Narendra Modi is the best among global leaders

By Pradyu M

The present Covid crisis has turned into an examination, a sort of litmus test for the various leaderships of the world bringing out the best leaders. The crisis has undoubtedly and obviously been able to present some of the best leaders the globe has now. Prime Minister Narendra Modi undoubtedly turns out to be the best among the leaders for his way of encountering the crisis and the way he is dealing with it so meticulously making him a true statesman.

In the case of the US, the world community saw its leader coming out with embarrassing statements, sarcastic remarks and coming out with rash actions making him a laughing stock and as for the largest Asian nation, from where the virus sprang out causing havoc on earth, its leader is being watched suspiciously and under scrutiny as there is lack of transparency and an air of secrecy prevailing regarding the virus and the crisis.

The world also saw powerful nations having powerful leaders fumbling, unable to feel the pressure of the pandemic. It is here we find Modi as a true global leader so optimistic and confident. The way in which he could save lakhs of lives of a densely populated nation through lockdown, the way in which he inspired his countrymen to tackle the crisis in a very optimistic manner, his support and help to nations which needed medicine and medical help, lending a helping hand to smaller nations in the South Asian region and his initiative to bring the SAARC nations under one roof to unite and deal the Covid crisis confidently makes him a global leader par excellence.

The nation is sure to come out of this ordeal and with his leadership sure to become one of the best in the world.

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