Atmeya Vidaaya 2016′ held at ATME

Atmeya Vidaaya 2016, the an­nual farewell function for stu­dents of the outgoing batch of 2012-2016, was organised at ATME College of Engineer­ing recently.

Sri Veereshananda Saras­wathi Swamiji of Ramakrish­na Ashrama, Tumakuru, was the chief guest.

Addressing the gathering, he said that students should adopt morality, humanity and ethics in their life. “Experi­ence is the best education for life, for it makes man per­fect,” he said.

He pointed out the need for a good attitude in life that will help build a good career. Maintaining physical and mental health is very import­ant to face the hard ship in life, but equally important is to try and understand life in different perspectives.

He emphasised that suc­cess and failure is determined by ones’ own character. The good deeds that are carried out by us will shine brightly in our future and in the fu­ture of generations to come.

Throughout the program his holiness enlightened the lis­teners with real-life incidents highlighting the principles needed to be adhered to.

Chairman of ATME College of Engineering L Arun Kumar, in his presidential address, emphasised the requirement of industry oriented skills to­ day. He urged the students to be strong to face problems that they will encounter. He told them to accept differenc­es in people and adapt to the situation. He stressed on the need to develop leadership qualities as they are crucial in dealing with different facets of life. He urged students to be-

come entrepreneurs, wherein they may choose their pro­fession and career, rather than follow others. This also provides more jobs and em­ployment opportunities to the others in society he stated.

The college’s annual mag­azine “Dynamics-2016” was released on the occasion.

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