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Two days back, I happened to go on foot to pass through under railway under-bridge opposite fire station in Saraswathipuram on my way to Build-16 Reality Expo and return in the night along the same route. It was indeed revealing to observe how neither the railway authorities nor Mysuru City Corporation have paid attention to the maintenance. There are several issues concerning maintenance. Firstly, the railings on the top of the abutment wall on either side in the approaches   are in a deplorable condition with cracked railings that present an ugly sight. It also indicates that the quality of work was very poor as it was comparatively a new structure. Secondly, I found the bottom of the bridge was wet at some spots and in some places white patches were visible,  indicating leaching due to water percolation. The result would be that reinforcement can get gradually corroded and pose danger to safety of the bridge. Thirdly, as the footpath on either side is pretty high, it needs to be provided with safety railings to avoid pedestrians accidentally falling down. Fourthly, invariably it is observed that   during nights, the lights on the electric pole fail making the whole area dark. Yesterday when I was returning along with my wife on foot it was a scary experience as we were alone walking on the footpath under total darkness as there were no lights. The other point is that if the authorities really want the whole area, including the approaches, to look good can be aesthetically treated to appear attractive. In my view, the advertisement on the top is a distraction to vehicular traffic and needs to be removed.

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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