Australia introduces AI cameras to detect drivers using their phones

Prime News, International, (Canberra), December 3:-To keep a check on errant drivers, the New South Wales government has begun to use first cameras that can automatically detect when drivers are using their phones. The cameras use AI or artificial intelligence to find out if someone is using their phone while driving. According to NSW Government, in the first three months of its initiation, drivers caught using their phones while driving will be released after being warned. The drivers will then be fined 344 AUD (Australian Dollars) (Rs 16,800) and five demerit points. Those violating the rule in a school zone will be slapped a fine of 457 AUD (Rs 22,200) and 10 demerit points during double demerit periods.

Officials exude confidence that the cameras would help bring down the number of incidents in NSW roads. Executive Director of Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety Bernard Carlon said that a trial of the cameras was done earlier this year and over 100,000 drivers were caught illegally using a phone. Carlon added that “Independent modelling has shown that these cameras could prevent around 100 fatal and serious injury crashes over five years”. With this drivers can no longer text, take calls while driving. If they do so, they would be captured in the camera and would then have to pay a hefty fine. They would have to park their vehicles one of the sides to use their phones.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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