Australian Senator compares Muslims with ‘poisonous jelly beans’

Prime News, International (Sydney), August 16:- Australian Senator Fraser Anning on Wednesday compared Muslims with “poisonous jelly beans”, following his “racist” maiden speech in the Senate seeking immigration restrictions based on race.

Anning, from the conservative Katter`s Australian Party, advocated a return to White Australia policy and called for migration bans on Muslims in his speech in Parliament on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joined other politicians and community leaders in criticizing the Queensland Senator for suggesting a “final solution” (the phrase that refers to a plan hatched by Nazis to annihilate the Jews) to the immigration “problem”.

Turnbull said Anning made “a shocking insult to the memory” of those murdered in the Holocaust.

Following his controversial speech, Anning targeted Muslims once again in an interview to a Sydney talkback radio.

“Look, if you can tell me which ones are not going to cause us harm, then fine, that`d be great. But unfortunately, if you have a jar of jelly beans and three of them are poisonous, you`re not going to try any of them,” he told Alan Jones of radio 2GB while referring to Muslims. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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