Awareness campaign held on new app of Karnataka State Police

Mysuru, July 24:- Lakshmipuram Police on Tuesday held an awareness campaign to educate the public in Ward 2 and 3 coming under Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) on the new app of Karnataka State Police ‘https://play.Googl ksppqqrs.’

The campaign was held at RTO Circle, Geetha Road, Chamarajapuram, Diwan Road, D Subbaiah Road and surrounding areas.

The police explained about the app to the people. The app is in both Kannada and English languages. They explained that by downloading and giving the mobile number of the user, the app gives complete details of the nearby police station and the officials. Pressing SoS button in any case of emergency, it would notify the police about the user’s location to help them.

“The Mysuru Policemen have once again proved that they are people-friendly. More than 5 lakh Android phone users are in the city. This app will ensure the safety and security of the citizens to a great extent,” said Jogi Manju.

Lakshmipuram Police constable Basavaraju, Thimmappa, residents Sharath, Mahesh, Nagesh, Raju, Chandu, Venkatesh, Suman, Rajesh and others were present. (KS, NGB)

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