Awareness drive on Hepatitis held at Columbia Asia Hospital

200 people undergo health screenings at the camp

Mysuru, July 30:- On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru had organised a public discussion forum to discuss the myths and facts of Hepatitis.

Hepatitis is an infection of the liver and is a global health problem affecting the majority of people from different age groups, communities and classes. The viral hepatitis is an easily preventable and is a self-limiting disease, but it occasionally leads to serious complications killing more people worldwide than HIV and AIDS.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Anoop Alva, Consultant Hepatologist and Gastroenterologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, said “It was a wonderful platform to discuss the myths and facts about Hepatitis. Firstly many have to realise that this viral infection can be prevented through immunisation and by maintaining high levels of personal hygiene. Unfortunately, there are myths surrounding the disease like hepatitis can be spread by sneezing, it is a condition of death sentence or beliefs like it isn’t safe for women to breastfeed when infected by Hepatitis. We all need to overcome such misconceptions by understanding more about the disease. Public discussion and debates world bring in more awareness among the people about the essentiality of hygienic food and water, safe sexual practices and safe screened blood transfusions to prevent hepatitis.”

“Hepatitis infections are at a high rate due to lack of awareness among the people regarding cause, symptoms and cure of the disease. We had organised a free screening camp at our hospital for the last one week, where we successfully recorded nearing to 200 health screenings. The screenings help people check their condition and start their treatment immediately if the results turn out to be positive. Our screening camps helped in educating people about the harmful effects of contaminated food, water and the availably of vaccinations to prevent the disease” he added. -KK


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